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Re: Just found out I am pregnant with Identicial Twins.

Not every twin story is a scary one.  I was 42 when I learned I was very unexpectedly pregnant--with twins (my fifth and sixth children, so my old bod had already been through a lot).  I had no complications, no bedrest, and carried them to 39 weeks and 2 days.  We went home together four days after they were born; I think mainly that was so I could rest. The boys had no issues and no NICU time.  It happens.

The first two years are up and down.  Just when you think you get a handle on things, they learn something new and you're back to feeling incompetent again.  Expect that, and know that it will pass.


Although most twin moms advise to keep them on the same schedule, I couldn't bear to awaken my good sleeper just because the poorer sleeper was awake.  I didn't want to untrain him!  It meant a LOT less sleep for me for the first five months...but then they both began to sleep longer stretches and I was so glad I hadn't interfered with the natural sleep patterns they were developing.  Both ways have merit; it's up to you to decide which makes the most sense.


Keep a record of their intake and output!  Just jot how long they nursed and what the diapers were like so that if you suddenly get the feeling that one of them hasn't pooped for a while, you will be able to check.  You'll be nursing so much or making so many bottles, changing so many diapers, it is easy to lose track of who ate what when, and miss the fact that one baby has had three dry diapers in a row.  Notes help.


Sleep when they sleep.  Seriously. SLEEP WHEN THEY SLEEP.   Nothing you have to do is more important than rest.  Nothing.  And even if you're sure one of them is going to wake up in an hour--spend that hour in bed.  Every bit helps. Every new mom of multiples hears this advice.  Very few take it.  Be one of them.  It will make your life so much better.


Finally--getting upset about the "stupid" remarks people make is a CHOICE.  Choose otherwise. Very few people actually make comments that are truly stupid, and even fewer are trying to insult or offend you, so choose not to be insulted or offended.  The truth is, they WILL sometimes be double trouble.  You WILL have your hands full.  And people who comment on your twins, regardless of their words, usually are just acknowledging the coolness of twin-ness.  Let them.  It IS coolness.