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Re: Just found out I am pregnant with Identicial Twins.
Congratulations! Having twins is so much fun!

I have very fraternal twin girls born June 1st 2011. I found out I was having twins when I was about 12 weeks too! I'll never forget the day. The technician said " is this your 1st ultrasound?" I said yes. And she said "I have a surprise for you!" I couldn't stop laughing!

I was very lucky and carried them to term. I had a planned cesarean at 38 weeks. I had to stop working at 26 weeks tho because I was a waitress. A lot of women have twins now a days with no complications. Just stay positive. You will have regular stress tests to make sure the babies aren't in stress. Cool thing about it was the 3D ultrasounds we got!

My only advice after they are born is to keep them on a schedule, even if you have to wake one up to feed. Boppy pillows are the best to use when feeding, if you happen to be alone..

Good luck to you guys! It truly is amazing watching them grow:smileyhappy:
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