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Re: Just found out I am pregnant with Identicial Twins.
My boys were not a surprise as they are IVF babies but at the ripe old age of 46 I too was high risk.

I delivered 6 weeks early but both boys were 5 lbs each. The key was protein, protein and more protein. I lived on cottage cheese and Ensure+ shakes. Eat lots of small meals each day and keep your carbs to a minimum. Don't read what to expect when you're expecting. It's mostly wrong for mother's of multiples.

Find a local chapter of mother's of multiples and join it so you can get access to the forums. No one will understand you better than other moms of multiples. They have been enormously helpful for me.

I breast fed both of my boys simultaneously using the "football" hold. Find a lactation consultant early and read up on it. I knew next to nothing and was really frustrated by my lack of milk production. My hospital did not have a lactation consultant.

I hope your pregnancy goes well congratulations on your twins!
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