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Re: Just found out I am pregnant with Identicial Twins.
Congratulations ! I have fraternal twins (boy/girl), that are 23 months. I agree with the others on taking it easy as much as you can, I think it helps with the early labor. I delivered at 37 weeks, which is good for twins. Take all the help you can get. Try to enjoy them because it seems like your doing everything to keep up that there's no time for play. Get them on a schedule, & don't worry about the them waking each other up, they learn to sleep through the other one screaming. Try to learn to feed them at the same time, do your not spending an hour feeding & then have to almost start all over.(if your going to breast feed get a pillow thing call My Breast Friend for twins, makes it much easier )
Most if all you can only so much, so don't beat yourself up if everything doesn't get done, as long as they are fed & have a clean diaper it's all good
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