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Re: Just found out I am pregnant with Identicial Twins.

Congratulations on the exciting news. I have almost 3 yr old fraternal twins (boy/girl) Even though they considered me high risk, my pregnancy was fairly normal compared to my others. I will tell you to be prepared for the stares and sometimes rude comments made by others but dont let things get to you. Pregnancy is such a wonderful time and even though it seems eternal its over way too soon (not that i would want to carry them longer than 9 months) I loved my big belly even though it was very uncomfortable to walk, sleep or sit. I carried my twins for 38 weeks 4 days and they weighed 7lbs 1oz & 6lbs 5oz. I had a csection due to my little boy being breached. My advice is take it easy and ask for help now and especially once the babies are here. Oh and take pics of your belly every other week or monthly so you can see all the changes you go through. Plus your babies can see them when they are older :smileyhappy: