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Re: What are the chances to me having TWINS

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Step 1 is to take a big breath and relax - you are going to be a mom, and millions of other women take the same journey every year, so you are not alone. :womanhappy: Step 2 is to start thinking about what kind of pregnancy and birth you would prefer to have, and what type of parent you would like to be. This free ebook gives some tips and ideas to get started on keeping yourself healthy, and some thoughts on choosing a doctor or midwife: http://pocketpregnancyplanner.com/books/free-what-to-do-when-pregnant-guide.html. Step 3 is to choose a doctor or midwife, and schedule an initial prenatal appointment if you have not done so already.


There are a few symptoms that would lead someone to suspect she were having twins. Sometimes typical pregnancy symptoms are much worse than usual, but that can be hard to judge as a first time mom. The most common symptom would be getting big and "showing" faster than usual. Once you go in to have an ultrasound, they will always check to see if there are two babies or one, so you can pretty much relax if they only see one at the initial ultrasound. :smileyhappy: That ultrasound is usually at your first prenatal appointment, somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks, which means there would not be long to wait.


Try to relax about the chance of twins. Even with a family history, the chance is still only like 1%. Instead, focus on trying to be healthy, and trying to enjoy your baby growing inside you. Talk to some friends, look through the message boards here, and start to build a community of women who have done this before, and learn a bit about what to expect to help you feel better.


Lots of us are here for you!


-Melinda, Mom of 2 and childbirth educator