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Re: Just found out I am pregnant with Identicial Twins.
When I found that I was pregnant with identical twins 5 years ago, my first question to my gynae was what did she feed me (as we never had twins in both our families).. It was a maginal journey... be prepared for an earlier birth, mine was premature by 2 months. And most importantly learn to listen to your body. My elder twin was born with gangrenous volvulus, aka twisted guts, as she was absorbing most of the nutrients while sharing the same sac. I thank God for the decision to an emergency c-section as I felt minimal movement of them in my tummy during then. The elder twin spent a good 3 months in the NICU and another 2 months in the normal ward that seemed like eternity to me then. 5 years on, the 2 sweeties are healthy and definitely 2 great bundles of joy. Enjoy the journey. :smileyhappy:
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