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Dye your hair when pregnant??? Yes or no?
So my name is Ashley, this is the first time I write in a forum, but I am looking for outside perspective. i'm 14 weeks with my 2nd child. First one was a gorgeous little man! I never thought of doing anything to my hair with my firsr, but then again I had no reason to so I waited till afterbirth! Now with 2nd baby I have a very special event coming up & just wanted to do a retouch, but my husbands family is all like "Your crazy, you wanna harm the baby", and what not. But on my side of the fam, 2 of my aunts did dye their hair when pregnant and thwy have beautiful, healthy children! I haven't askd dr yet becayse appt is till nxt week! I want to dye my hair but their really scaring the want out of me! Have any moms dyed their hair while pregnant? Or is it really that harmful? o_O
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