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Re: Weight gain & self-esteem

when you find out please let me know :smileyhappy: im 10 weeks pregnant and worry about the same thing! i had been told i couldnt have kids about 6-7 years ago, i was overweight, had endo and possible polycysitc ovarian. a few weeks after i was told that we found out about being able to adopt, my now 6 year old girl (we were at the hospital when she was born).  i never revisited the polycystic and did not procede with any action to do with fertility, since we were going to have our girl.  i had gastric bypass in oct of 08. i lost 100lbs by january! before my surgery they said SOME people who had the surgery and were told they couldnt have kids prior, ended up being able to have kids... i became very ill for about a year and a half. i got down to 101lbs and they told me i could have died.  i had a feeding tube for 6 months trying to gain 20 lbs and after taking out the feeing tube. at my lowest that made my weight loss total of 173 lbs!! (yeah i was 274 when i had my surgery). i ended up going thru a divorce in 2010 and am now remarried but still did not think i could ever get pregnant.  i now am up to about 145ish and that is where i usually stay. i had been on birth control for my endo prior to getting married, and decided to go off of it in oct (when we got married) last year.  i am struggling with gaining weight. before finding out i was pregnant i would still get sick almost every day! i took phenagrean 3-4 times a day, and now they have changed it to zofran and i take it every 3-4 hours. i still get sick. i am 10 weeks pregnant and last time i weighed i had not gained any weight at all... a little part of me was glad (im sad to say) but i know im going to gain and i need to for the baby, im just very nervous. im nervous about it anyway, seeing as how i didnt think i could even get pregnant!!! im trying to eat, but struggle. i in no way have EVER been anorexic or bulemic or anything like that, i just got very ill!!! i still have very low self esteem and am anxious about what all is to come, before and after the baby is here.... so if anyone has been thru anything like this, i could really use your advice!!! thanks so much!! :smileyhappy: