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2nd pregnancy
Hi. This is the first time I am ever writing in a forum. But I need outside prospective. My story:
My boyfriend (35yrs old) and myself (28yrs old), been together 6 years, have a 4 year old boy who we love deeply. I come from a family with 2 older siblings, my bf was an only child (spoiled!). We have been on and off talking about a 2nd child for awhile, he really didn't want another one, I did. We had damage from Sandy and just wanted to get things straightened out first, etc. We have been back in our house 2 months. I had been off my pill (birth control) for only a few months (about 4 months) and recently got pregnant (about 6 weeks). I told my bf that night after I took 2 home tests. He had just come home from work and was sort of excited, he texted a bunch of people at work!! (So I thought he was happy with this!).
2 days later I wanted to buy a cute big brother shirt online for our son, but he said no, go to the dr to be sure!! He kinda has been moody about me being pregnant for about a week now. Then tonight he was saying if its a girl we should name her this, and same with a boy!! So I guess he is getting used to the idea?
Then he just told me his parents have basically said they will "cut us off of we have another child" and they don't think we can afford another one!! We have yet to tell both families. I am dreading now telling anyone because of what others might say. I know I shouldn't, but I always say things work out!! I just wish there was a way to tell everyone at once (like a bandaid) instead of putting it off, but our families practically never get together! I am so confused and stressing about this!! Help?!? :-/
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