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Re: Family
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Thats ridiculous. First of all, she could have bought the phone used, or signed a contract making the phone cheap. Second, her in-laws idea of "being able to afford a child" might be different from hers. For instance, my family thinks I cannot provide for two children. EVERYONE in my family for the past 3 generations all decided to have one child. I was an only child...had everything, and was a spoiled @$$ rude kid. However, my idea of affording a child isnt buying them designer clothes, expensive phones etc. Its providing them necessities and giving them the tools they need to succeed, like an education and communication skills, manners, etc. If they want luxury items they WILL get a job. It wont be coming from my pocket.

What does having a HS diploma have to do with anything? Your jumping to conclusions.
I have a college degree and Im making 30k a year. My grandfather, who never finished highschool is making 80k by owning a lawn service.

Being concered for her is one thing, but they way you said it was rude and tasteless