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Re: Trying to decide y/n on a second...

Its tough to help someone decide on this sort of thing. Its such a personal choice. 


My sister always wanted just one. She has one 10 year old son. She doesnt understand how people do more than one child. She is content with one.


I have three, thought I was done at two until my second one was four yrs old. I had my third child at age 42. I might have had one more if I had started younger.


I think you know you are done when there is no doubt. I think if you are unsure, then you you might want to give it some time to let the thought settle before you make any decision s.


its a great topic. I would love to hear what everyone else thinks. How do you know when you are done having kids. How do you know its right to have another one?


Take care. Loom forward to hearing what you decide to do.


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