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Re: My 15 year says she will never go to college

I actually wouldn't be worried about it at all at this point. A lot changes between 10th and 12th grades. A lot will change just in the next year.


I know that for many of us, we have this "traditional" trajectory that after graduation, it's straight to college for an undergrad. However there are many alternative, nontraditional paths to accomplish a college education too. Even if she doesn't get a college degree, she isn't cursed to a life in retail, and even some people with college degrees today are cursed with a life in retail right now because their degree doesn't make them more hireable right now than someone who might not even hold a degree. 


If she doesn't get into a university after graduation, or she doesn't apply to a university in time to start but changes her mind, there is the community college transfer option. My husband and I were both fortunate in that we were able to attend a good, solid community college. He has a ASN (2 year RN) and I transferred for a BA in psychology to public university. My husband was 24 when he finished his RN program- he took some community college courses after high school but then took a 3 year hiatus from school. There isn't a single moment that either of us regrets taking a nontraditional route to our education. It was perhaps more difficult, and I basically worked my husband through nursing school, but it certainly didn't leave us stuck in meager jobs. However, even though I have the higher degree, his associate's has significantly more earning potential than mine does.