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Re: Kids and Sports

My kids are 12, 11, 9 & 4.  We started the older 3 in soccer at 3 and they all started t-ball at 4.  My oldest 2 (girls), started cheerleading and dance at 5 (dance actually started in nursery school before that, but I don't really count that).  The girls have also tried gymnastics, which the 11 yr old just started up again.  Soccer stopped at 7 for my oldest (conflicted with cheering for football) and shortly afterwards for the other 2.  My 9 yr old started karate at 6.  And my 4 yr old just finished his 1st year of flag football & took tumbling at our local Y.  I can't say that we have been accident free, but our major accidents have not come from sports.  2 years ago my then 7 yr old broke his arm badly enough to need surgery, jumping off a slide at the playground.  And my 4 yr old just got stiches over the summer after tripping over his feet at the grocery store.  Although my oldest does come home from cheerleading with plenty of bruises (when flyers & bases are learning, someone's bound to get kicked or elbowed)!  They chose the activities they want to do & once they commit, they're in it for the season.  For the most part we have had coaches who are great &  really take the time to teach the kids.  But we have also had some who play favorites a little too much (and I'm not talking about more talented kids, necessarily).  And some who are focused too much on the win & not enough on the process.  But, overall I think that sports are a great experience for kids.  And I'm of the opinion that it's better to try them out young & see if you like it while it's more about the teaching & the fun than the winning.  And the social interaction is great for the little ones too!