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Re: Kids and Sports

Sports teach valuable lessons about teamwork, helping others, practicing a skill to improve, being a graceful winner and loser. Your kids will not always be the best in school, they will not always get the job they really want, sometimes they will have to cheer on a friend who is doing better at something than they are. Sports as young children allow them and assist you in teaching them to be good sports, to work hard, and to understand that winning is awesome but it is not everything. Yes there is a chance they will get hurt, that is a reality in every aspect of the world we live in. Do we really want this generation of children to grow up scared of adventure and activity because they might get hurt? Or scared to dream of becoming a doctor because they might not make it? So more simply put I am a fan of kids in sports (if they want to be).

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Re: Kids and Sports

My kids are 12, 11, 9 & 4.  We started the older 3 in soccer at 3 and they all started t-ball at 4.  My oldest 2 (girls), started cheerleading and dance at 5 (dance actually started in nursery school before that, but I don't really count that).  The girls have also tried gymnastics, which the 11 yr old just started up again.  Soccer stopped at 7 for my oldest (conflicted with cheering for football) and shortly afterwards for the other 2.  My 9 yr old started karate at 6.  And my 4 yr old just finished his 1st year of flag football & took tumbling at our local Y.  I can't say that we have been accident free, but our major accidents have not come from sports.  2 years ago my then 7 yr old broke his arm badly enough to need surgery, jumping off a slide at the playground.  And my 4 yr old just got stiches over the summer after tripping over his feet at the grocery store.  Although my oldest does come home from cheerleading with plenty of bruises (when flyers & bases are learning, someone's bound to get kicked or elbowed)!  They chose the activities they want to do & once they commit, they're in it for the season.  For the most part we have had coaches who are great &  really take the time to teach the kids.  But we have also had some who play favorites a little too much (and I'm not talking about more talented kids, necessarily).  And some who are focused too much on the win & not enough on the process.  But, overall I think that sports are a great experience for kids.  And I'm of the opinion that it's better to try them out young & see if you like it while it's more about the teaching & the fun than the winning.  And the social interaction is great for the little ones too!

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Re: Kids and Sports
My daughter and I do Mommy and Me gymnastics, I don't know if this counts as a sport or not but she loves it. It's a fun thing for us to do together, my 5 year also just started playing t-ball he loves it. It's great for me too, because I get to be the team mom! I think sports are a great way to bond with your kids, that's what I do anyway.
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