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Re: How do I stop the gifting???

What if you start giving him little chores & an allowance for doing them?  Then he's not getting something for nothing, he's earning it.  And he may also take great pride in buying things for himself.  You could set the chores as things he should be doing or helping out with already (like put his clothes in the hamper) with some other simple little things thrown in (like dusting a bookcase or helping to dry the dishes).  You could also make up a chore list that he can check off when he does something so he can see if he's earned his allowance.


That being said, my kids have chores to do but don't get an allowance because my dh is constanly buying them things (mainly DVDs that they watch often).  But if they don't do what they need to do, they can't get what they want.  So I guess we're really just paying them in DVDs instead of money...  Good luck!