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Re: My 15 year says she will never go to college

I think about what I would tell my daughter if I were in your situation and it's not easy.


Fist, I think you have to remember that she is 15 and 15 through 20 are not easy years. There is a good chance that she changes her mind 50 times about college between now amd the time she graduates.


I think I would encourage my daughter to do both. My conversation might go something like this: 


Isabella, you are a beautiful young lady and I know you can do what ever you set out to do. Modeling sounds very exciting, but I want to remind you that a modeling career is usually short lived. Have you thought of trying to do both modeling and college? 


Don't panic, gently guide her through these crazy teen years and when it gets closer to college time you can revisit this conversation. I should also tell you that my husband said the same thing all through high school, he didn't want to go to college. So, he worked while his youngr brother went off to college. After two years, he decided that college was a better idea than what he was doing and he went for it.