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Re: The Holiday card dilemma

That picture really is too adorable! To warn you, I love pictures, and my personal belief is that a candid photo can be just as visually compelling as a posed portrait. I won't be offended if I'm the only person who feels that way :smileyhappy: Also, I tend to ramble, I apologize in advance.

Anyways, I'm just wondering, what if (to make it easier on you) you went a different route this year. Why not take pictures of you and your family in your home doing something Christmas-y like baking cookies or decorating the tree or having a tinsel fight, or wrapping presents (can you imagine the placement of the bows?!?). Kids are most comfortable at home...and if you get a project done, well two birds, one stone! And a little face smeared with chocolate and joy (or covered in gift tags and ribbon) will be a hit in a different way, but just as big. In fact, you just inspired me! My son just realized he can reach the big table and get what he cute will his little hand be sneaking cookies off a tray behind me while my husband licks the bowl and I'm decorating cookies?! Okay, I'm into the humor of everyday life, but you get the gist. And since your husband is a photographer, I'm sure he can photoshop to make the pictures pop...or even have a collage. The possibilities are endless.