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Re: Hardest Age to Parent?

Well I have 2 girls, ages 8 and 1. So far I would say my hardest have been ages 3-4. I couldn't take my oldest daughter with me anywhere during those ages. It wasn't fair to me, her, or other people in restaurants, stores, etc. My girl was one of those kids. The ones that you looked at the mom, felt sorry for her and wondered why the kid was screaming and rolling around on the grocery store floor or was mad that she couldn't keep her quiet at a restaurant. The one that ruined your nice night out or your peace and quiet on an air plane. If I didn't have the backpack with a leash on it, she would have been kidnapped or gotten on the wrong plane. She liked to play hide and seek in the clothing racks so I couldn't find her, even thought she was right there as I was calling her name. There have been many heart attacks for me with this one. I just hope my next lovely girl isn't as challenging and maybe I can handle her a bit better since I have already been through it.