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Re: Kids and Sports
My oldest son is 14 and very athletic. He plays basketball, football and runs track. He also used to play baseball ans soccer, so we have done it all! He has had a few injuries a concussion in basketball and a sprained ankle in football. Yes, those were scary things, there is no way to explain the terror when your 5'9" football player is carried to your car in tears! He However, I don't feel like we can live our lives in fear. He also suffered a concussion in p.e. at school! he could fall coming down the stairs at home and break his neck! Yes, sports can be dangerous, but life is dangerous. I wouldn't consider taking away something he loves just because he could get hurt. However I do attend some practices and we live in a small town so I know all the coaches. If they were taking unnecessary risks, or doing things that were outside of the normal risks associated with the activity then I would certainly speak up and put a stop to that. Also, if he were to suffer multiple head injuries I would reconsider contact sports. When he is injured we seek appropriate medical care and follow doctors orders to the t to make sure he can heal properly. He missed over 1/2 the football season with his sprained ankle, but I don't care, we followed the orthopedic surgeon's instructions and he healed beautifully, even the doctor was impressed. I feel the benefits of an appropriate athletic program outweigh the risks. If we never did anything risky I wouldn't have had kids!
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