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The Holiday card dilemma

1 repin, 2 repins, 3 repins….100! With Christmas quickly approaching, the ONLY thing on my mind has been “how do I beat last’s year Christmas card?”! Before children, I never had this problem. We sent out our “normal” cards with hand written messages. But now, now things are different. Having children (and a photographer husband) puts things at a different level for us. We are held to higher standards. With our first son Alessio, we attempted a cute backdrop theme with a sled and of course our dogs as reindeers. Although it was a cute idea, it almost seemed like a flop to me….an easy way out. I was determined that for the next year I would do something much better. Something different that hasn’t been seen.


So a year came and went and I found myself shopping with my mom at Home Goods in October. While wandering down an aisle, I found the cutest mini luggage. This was when my great next Christmas photo idea came into play! Put the kids in front of a train station entrance and set them up to go to the North Pole (vintage style of course)!! The card was a HUGE hit. HUGE.


But now I wonder… have I set the level too high too fast?! It’s now November and I have been pondering for months about my next best idea for this year’s card. Its driving me crazy to be quite honest. So now, my question is, what other moms are facing this same problem??? The Holiday card dilemma? Anyone?


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Patiently waiting mom for the next best idea to come to me ....HELP!



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