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Re: Overnight sitter

I agree with most of the other responses. 


As a previous nanny for 5 years to 4 very active boys (now ages 14, 12, 10, and 7) I charged an hourly rate of $15/hr. for waking hours (aprox. 6 hours based on your info) and a flat $50 rate for the overnight.    Given how many kids you are asking her to watch and her background, you may want to consider increasing her hourly rate anywhwere up to $20 max. 


Based on these numbers, you're looking at a total of $140 to $170 for the night for all children.  Not bad when you break that down per famiy, it's only a little over $40 per family for an entire night (given the most expensive rate).  I easily pay that for a few hours out to dinner and a movie!


Best of luck.  If you still find that you are struggling coming up with a number, I strongly urge you to talk to your sitter and have her weigh in her thoughts.  I know it can be uncomfortable for both of you, but chances are she's already got a number in mind.  I've learned that not being paid failrly or the avoidance of discussion can lead to resentment and the loss of a family/sitter.