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Re: Safe computer for kids

With your child's young age he should never be left unattended at the computer. You go to the website for him, show him what to click and what not to click. Give him small amounts of time each day on the computer building up to never more than an hour at a time. We set up our 4 year old in the same room as us and show her what to do making sure she never clicks on anything else. make sure you can always see the screen. You could do it around supper when the food is being made and let him know that once the food is ready it's time to get off of the computer. That way you don't have to go out of your way to make sure he's doing the right thing. I suggest Chrome or Firefox and getting the ad blocker in the add on section. Set him up with a child friendly site only (something like nick jr, or a preschool themed website as they rarely have outside links and plenty of age appropriate games to play with). In the future if you're able to spring for it you should get him a Nabi or Nabi Jr. They're extremely durable and have an android OS running in the background. Well worth the investment when compared to leap pads and a general tablet pc. Our daughter has been wanting to play minecraft and I'm not comfortable with her having the tablet so we set her up on the computer.