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Re: Safe computer for kids
Ok, sorry for taking so long!

Here is the gist of it: This is Windows for children with parental controls built in and easily configured, now that's what I'm talking about!

What happens is that I set it up and once that is done, it just runs over the operating system with its own limited parameters to ensure the kid stays inside. The browser is pretty neat and fully locked to a directory of pages they've added, it seems, the e-mail looks nice (although I haven't configured an account it, because my kid is way too small for that), and to top it off it has a slew of toys and games with some preschool exercises to boot. All in all, my kid was just amazed. I managed to make boring Windows into Magic Windows, so now I'm his hero :smileyhappy:

By the way, mailed their customer service to see about what devices this works in and sadly it's a bit limited still, we're talking about Windows only and tablets will only have this if they run Windows 8. But at least now I know what sort of tablet I'll get my kid once I have the money. I got this with 3 installations by the way, which means I can use on the home pc, the laptop which I may be retiring soon and a tablet. These guys offered this for free, which was very nice of them.

Sad that it isn't compatible with more devices, especially for those of you who already have Ipads and such, but if you're on a budget and you want to get this for that old pc at home, you can. Great find!