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Re: What age do you start letting your kids play with iPad or go on the internet supervised?

I have a 4 yr old daughter, and she has been using iPad since 3, but only some word/alphabet kind of games. however, i enjoy showing her some animal videos, butterfly coming out of cocoon kind of nature/science videos to her from youtube - but was getting frustrated with all the inappropriate stuff youtube shows as related videos (quite often what is okay for a 10 yr old to watch is not okay for a 4 yr old) and i could never leave her alone even for a minute with the ipad while she is watching something... so, after a year of frustration and searching for some safe browsers/apps, i started writing my own  kid safe youtube player app and just published it in iOS store.


btw, i am not trying to advertise for my app for any monetary benefits - i hv a good day job and am doing this just to provide a way for kids and parents like me and my daughter to use youtube to learn without any danger of being exposed to junk...


so, the app has no in-app purchases, no ad banners, has 1000+ videos now sorted into 150+ fun, math, English, science, arts channels and i want to keep it free for kids to enjoy it... and i keep updating the database as i use it with my daughter on various topics that i teach her...


and i hv added all the things that i want my kid to be safe and also provide a learning experience instead of just pure mindless entertainment - daily viewing limit, customize database, bedtime mode with story reading etc.


so I would love to hear feedback on how to make it more useful, things u like, things u hate :-) etc if anybody wants to try it…


the download link is here: