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Re: My husband cheating on me, Im three months pregnant and I dont know if I have to stay whit him

I want to start by saying of course its always best for a child to have both parents in the home so if you can work things out maybe counseling that would be great! however you bu no means have to stay with him!!!! First you dont need to be in an unhappy marraige bc if you are unhappy your baby feels that and when your baby is born you want to enjoy being a mommy and if you are unhappy you cant be the kind of mommy you want to be. Also you dont want your son or daughter growing up thinking that cheating is ok. Never ever settle for less then you would want for your children bc in the end what they see growing up is what becomes normal to them... if you decide to leave him there are a million different places that can help you with your baby from social services to help u get on your feet to churches and orginizations.. if you need any help finding these places please email me at and best of luck!!!!!!

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