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Safe computer for kids

We recently had another topic here talking about this, but I think it's important to separate it because this is really becoming a problem and I need to start filtering some information so I can make a decision quickly. I tested several programs, namely some kid browsers and I find them limited in scope, it's not really using the computer for him, and he can tell... Is there some kind of OS for kids? Do you have any experience with parental controls? Please share your experiences with me, I REALLY need to make a decision on the short term, because my kid is very much interested in computers and I can't just simply hand one over to him, on the off chance he won't find disturbing stuff on the web, talk to strangers and other deeply scary things like that.

Any input from parents with experience with this would be most welcome. Oh and this is my wife's idea. So let's humor her, please :smileyhappy: