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Re: What age do you start letting your kids play with iPad or go on the internet supervised?

This house is full of technology, I think that is the key problem with our son. He wants to use it, because he grew up around it, and although he is too young to understand the concept of double standards (or is he?), he already feels like he's getting the short end of the stick and it's a very difficult conversation to have, because he just comes back with and endless string of "whys". I have a computer in the kitchen and he can't use it, I have a laptop and an iphone for work, tucked away in our bedrrom, an xbox in the office, my wife has her android phone and he gravitates around these devices whenever we're using them. The xbox was simple, I just close all the adult games in a cabinet and let him play kiddy platformers with adequate ratings, plus the console has parental settings in place, which thankfully work. The problem is the other devices and I keep explaining that the xbox is the best of the lot, but he knows there's a lot more to do on these other devices. 

My brother told me this weekend there are safe browsers for kids, so I'll look into that. If I find anything I'll share here, because I'm sure this is now a common struggle with parenting, that my parents, for example, didn't have (I only had access to a computer when I was 14).