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How do you control youself IN THE MOMENT?

Okay, so we have noticed lately our 5 1/2 yr old daughter has been lying a lot lately. From spinning tall-tales, acting like she knows everything to blatantly lying to our faces when we saw with our own eyes what happened. And from what I have read today on here and another parenting site, this is pretty normal behavior for the age. And everything I read has this advice of staying calm, find out why they lied, be sympathetic, etc, etc.


The reason I am here today is because....what do you do if you already exploded? I was SO furious at her deceitful behavior this morning. I know I can't go back in time and change what occured at my house this morning. After my initial freak-out and we were on our way to school  I told her she would not be allowed to watch TV or play on her InnoTab when she got home from school. I feel terrible for the way I reacted, but I know I can't let her see that, I can't ler her get the upper hand, ya know? And I find myself feeling this way a lot. Like my initial, triggered reactions are not good parenting behavior and NOT the way I wanted it to go down. I read up all on all the wonderful ways to discipline your children without yelling, spanking, etc but whenever something happens it is like I turn into The Hulk! I have actually apologized to her for over-reacting and explaining that I just extremely angry and disappointed and that even mommy's are not perfect and we have our bad days too. But gosh darn-it I would love to not have to do that anymore! How do you keep your cool?