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Re: Kids and Sports

Regarding the scoring/trophies...this is my experience and opinion...When my boys were younger, they always kept score at their games and they always got a trophy from their coach at the end of a season for a season completed.  Win or lose, they got that trophy at the end of the season.  However, that stopped at about age 8.  Now, there is no trophy unless we play a tournament and place 1st or 2nd that weekend.  This was hard for them at first because they were used to getting a trophy at the end of a season no matter what.  However, they got used to it and it taught them that they have to work hard to earn that coveted trophy.  When they do earn it from all of their hard work, they don't forget how they got it.  Or when they win a game, the reward is the win...not a material object.  It's the satisfaction in knowing their hard work paid off.   I'm rambling but I think in the beginning, it was somewhat good for them to be rewarded for just "showing up" but now as they get older, it has changed and I'm good with that.  Does that make any sense?  Oh and the scoring...we always kept score at my kids games.  It helped them learn the rules to know the score.

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