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Re: How late is too late for bedtime on the weekends?

I have 3 girls age 1 , 6 and 11 and we have a bed time when they have school . Its 8pm for the 6 year old and the 11 year old just got her bed time moved to 9pm. Also should mention we do not use a alarm clock I and my 11 year old wake up at 630 am like clock work. Weekends here are different Why must a child need to go to bed on a friday or sat early if we have nothing planned?  To me its ok to let children stay up later on weekend and school breaks to learn from thier bodies when they are tired and when they are not. Sunday its back to going to bed early and off to school in the morning. I think that i am always telling my kids what and when to do things but the weekend is thier time to relax and do what they want to do. Having said that I would never let the kids stay up later then me. So if I want to go to bed at 11 or 2 am that is the time they must go. I am not about to let my little monkey do what they want when I am asleep that is too risky