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Re: Kids and Sports

I am a Sports Mom.  Both of my boys ages 9 and 10 have been in sports since they were 4 years old.  Their main sports are baseball and football but they have an interest in soccer and basketball as well.  We just don't have the time to do them ALL :smileyhappy:  I was an athlete in high school and college.  I am so glad I was involved in team sports as a youth.  It taught me responsibility, dedication, team work, how to relate/work with people different than me in high stress (as high stress as youth can get lol) situations, pride in team and the list goes on.  My boys love sports.  They don't always love the team they end up on because as 9 and 10 year olds they aren't playing for their school yet.  They are consistently on one select baseball team that is a GREAT experience for them.  However, they also play on other teams they get drafted for instead of trying out for and those can be tough.  We have encountered coaches with anger issues that I do not agree with, my boys have heard bad language unfortunately from kiddos I wouldn't otherwise necessarily want them around.  There are definitely pros and cons but in my opinion as a former athlete and the Mom of two young athletes, the pros by far outway the cons.  We also do not ever force our boys to play anything.  It is always their choice.  However, once they do commit to being on a team we expect them to finish that season.  We do not promote quitting (unless there were an extenuating circumstance). 


I hope this helps.  :smileyhappy:

~ Christine ~
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