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Re: What age do you start letting your kids play with iPad or go on the internet supervised?

This is becoming quite the issue for me, we have a laptop in the kitchen, which is really for everyone's usage except my son's. Now he's starting to ask why can't he play and I'm beginning to feel forced to work on it after he goes to bed so I don't have to go through that conversation all over again with him. But my wife is right, eventually we need to allow him his own windows account so he can play, but these parental settings in Windows are a bit tricky and seem way too permissive for me and I dread at the thought of him browsing the web and finding all sorts of filth. I don't how easy it is to circunvent the system, but you hear stories.

An ipad is even more out of the question for me, although he has already mentioned his friends having one. Personally I find it insane. Those kids are only 4-5 years old! In a single generation we get this huge leap in expectations, that I am having a bit of trouble swallowing, because these devices are not made for them! And I think it's unfair that the overall industry seems to be pushing this more and more without providing anything appropriate for them. I don't say we should bar computers to children altogether, but let's face it. Their design is anything but kid friendly. Oh and did I mention the internet is full of filth and ill-intentioned people? I must have, because it scares the living daylights out of me, that the first contact my kid will have with the world at large will be angry, violent, insane people who post all sorts of deeply damaging stuff for posterity, disguised as humor. There is something deeply wrong with is world if we are forgetting that children need their innocence in their early years to develop into good-natured adults. 

Anyone with me on this? If I strike you as a deeply worried dad, well, that's because I am one.