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Any expecting mothers pregnant after a tubal ligation reversal like me?

I am 37 and remaried.  My husband is wonderful and I have always wanted to have a partner in parenthood.  I have 18 year old twins and a 14 year old son whom I was a single mother to for most of their lives.  My husband and I married almost 3 years ago and knew we wanted babies together.  He is awesome to "our" teenagers, and I have to give lots of credit to a man that took on not only 3 kids, but me, someone that wasn't used to sharing parenting.  (I think I gave him the most problems, our kids are great). 

I had a tubal reversal surgery in December and on our 2nd month trying, I am happy to say, I am pregnant.  The big "butt" in this situation is that I am TERRIFIED of tubal pregnancy!  My reversal Dr said it was a big risk and to find out asap after a positive pregnancy test.  I have had 2 ultrasounds already and they still can't see the baby to tell me.  I am going out of my mind with worry and I know that can't be good for the baby.  I wouldn't wish the stress on anyone.  Every cramp and pain I have scares me to death, I guess I just need reassurance. Is anyone else going through this? Or, better yet, been through this with positive results?