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Re: Problem with grandparents
I'm a young mom and don't have issues with my parents, but I do have issues with my grandparents when it comes to my parenting/ children. Especially my grandmother, who most people think is senile but if you have known her for a long time you know that is how she is all the time and had always been. It is really hard to involve them because I often feel like my parenting is being judged. My grandmother has no censor button and even asked me if I was pregnant again already last Thanksgiving when my baby wasn't even ten days old, and when I pointed that out she said I was just caryring all the extra weight then :/

It's really hard to try to involve someone when they don't really treat you right in the first place. I've found that the grandparents really do want to be involved much more than they are. My grandmother lives too far away for us to see often, and we only see her at Thanksgiving and maybe one other time a year which is pretty much all I can stand. But my grandparents who are close we make sure to invite to things like birthdays, etc as often as possible. I do need to make sure they have all the details, like times, if anything else is going on right after, they'd need to stay late, etc ahead of time. If an announcement is made that my grandparents don't know about ahead of time, I just double check to see if staying because there are times they don't catch an announcement right away, especially my grandpa needs things repeated more often if someone isn't looking right at him when they say something.

I hope this at least helps a little.
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