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Re: Trying to decide y/n on a second...
We are trying to decide on a third. We have 1 girl 7 yrs, and 1 boy 4 yrs. It's very difficult, both my husband and myself go back and forth on this. My daughter is polar opposite of my son, and with my son we had to rethink everyday things due to his food allergies and asthma. I'm 28 now, want to be done by age 30, so now is the time. But some days I feel content with our family of four, 2 boys husband and my son, and 2 girls myself and my daughter. But then lately I feel like maybe there is someone else. I was the third sibling, the youngest, and my sis and bro were 5 and 6 years older than me. Never had a close relationship with either, and my husband was the youngest third sibling as well, he was closer in age to his siblings and had a closer relationship with them. So I fear that scenario with my kids, too far apart in age from a third sibling. Also we don't want to create the middle child syndrome effect. BUT both our parents did not at all plan myself or my husband when we were conceived, also both our parents had a falling out soon after we were born. So baring that in mind, I feel like it would be better to plan our third child, break that cycle of children feeling unwanted.

BUT for a second child, if you're healthy, financially able, mentally able I see no reason to not. I cannot imagine growing up with no siblings, seems lonely. Raising children will always be challenging and rewarding no matter if you have 1 or 10. And don't worry about being able to give more love to a new child, you will and it will just be normal.

My daughter keeps going around saying, "I wish I had a sister" for this or for that. Lol, decisions. Just remember the more love that goes around, the stronger the family. Hope you find your answer and good luck.
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