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Re: Trying to decide y/n on a second...
I'm in the same situation right now. Only I have two boys, they will be 3 and 1 in April.
I would love to try for a girl and if we end up having another boy that's fine as well.
Logically, my brain tells me we are done.
Emotionally, my heart tells me the opposite.
I am a L&D nurse and seeing pregnant moms makes me miss it. Miss the feeling of nurturing, growing a life for 9+months. The feeling of the baby kick. The excitement of meeting your new little one. On the other hand, I remember the miserable feeling towards the end.
I've been thinking after talking to a friend. She told me that she looks at it this way.
How do you envision your family table during the holidays when your children are grown?
Do you see one child with their spouse and their children? Or do you see a larger family with made up of your children, their spouses and their children?

Also, I feel like if their is even the slightest doubt in your head then you are not done.

The one thing I'll say from having two is that it was definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be learning to juggle two. Get into a routine etc. Now that the youngest is going on one and the other three, its not that bad.
The first few months were difficult, but the have become easier and easier as time passes.

The "good" surprise, if you want to call it as a surprise would have to be the joy my husband and I feel when our boys interact with one another. It makes my heart smile!:smileyvery-happy:
One of the best feelings in the world.

Give it time. If the doubt doesn't subside. There is your answer....
Good luck!:smileyhappy:

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