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Re: Trying to decide y/n on a second...
Having 2 kids, no matter the age difference is not easy! It is exhausting and tiresome. It is also amazing beyond words. Only you (and your spouse) can decide if you are going to have another child.
Here are a few things I've learned from having a girl (almost 5) and a boy (almost 2) almost 3 years apart:
You are never mentally or emotionally prepared for either of them. Even if at some point during your pregnancy you think that you are, the baby comes and you realize your aren't.
Baby #2 will most likely be completely different than your first. Personality, sleeping habits, feedings, soothing techniques - you are going to have to learn them all over again. That's not to say that some of the stuff you did with your first baby won't work at all, but it will definitely be different.
Prepare to be shocked! Even though my children are barely 3 years apart, it was amazing to see how much we had forgotten from our first. Our daughter was becoming more and more independent every day and then we had our son and babies are COMPLETELY dependent on you. You have to adjust your thinking all over again. It really does take some time to adjust.
My kids make each other laugh in ways that no one else can - not even my husband and I can make our children laugh the way they do when they play with each other. I LOVE listening to them laugh with each other.
Sometimes they are best friends and sometimes I'm sure they wish they were an only child (if they can even comprehend that at their age, I suppose). This can mean double the tantrums but also double the fun.
Before our son was born, my husband and I used to wonder how we would ever love another being the way we love our daughter...don't worry about really does just happen - you definitely have the room to live them both equally and THAT is such an amazing feeling and experience as a mom.

Being a mom of can be really challenging sometimes, but it can also be completely rewarding.

Just make sure that you follow YOUR heart. If you do that, then you will definitely not have any regrets either way. I hope some of the things I shared will be helpful in some way. Good luck to you.
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