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Re: Trying to decide y/n on a second...
My first WAS planned and still, I was not prepared mentally or emotionally, haha! Parenting has it's challenges, but if you have a nice support system (family, friends, emotional support, financial support, etc) I say go for it! You are not alone; don't be afraid to ask for help it a break when you need to. You won't be less of a mom, you're being a responsible and loving mom!

I chose to have another baby with my husband because I have siblings myself; (sister 6 years older and brother 1 1/2 years younger) and like all siblings you have your disagreements, but I have so many wonderful and funny memories and moments with them to this day, that I just couldn't imagine life without them! Also, I have friends who are "the only child" and they've often expressed their resentment to being the only child later on in life (not having that sister or brother they can count on and call, hang out, etc because their friends were busy with their own siblings.).

After having my second child, what has surprised me the most is that it's not as "hard" or as "bad" as I thought it could be. My children are almost 3 years apart in age and he helps out a tremendous amount with his little sister. When I hear them giggle, see them playing, I know for sure we made the right choice in having a second child. I lost my job and solely depending on my husband's income, but I'm still amazed how you truly learn to manage.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck, but I would point out: the longer you wait, the harder your decision will be. If you're going to do it, do it now. Time waits for no one. Best of luck and healthy wishes to you. Please keep us all posted.
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