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Re: Trying to decide y/n on a second...

This is definitely a topic near to my heart. Even before I was married I had wanted two kids. After my husband and I had our first,  I still wanted two. For the longest time,  though, he would keep repeating "just one." I heard him say that so many times I was finally o.k. with just having one. Then suddenly when our daughter was three my husband changed his tune and started talking about having a second. At that point,  he had to convince me.  I struggled with the decision, too, but ended up letting fate decide. About four months later I was pregnant with our second and in my heart I knew it's what I wanted. The nice part about having two with a 4 year age difference is our oldest helps take care of and look out for her younger sister. There was (and still is) some jealously from our oldest, but she is also more understanding that the baby needs extra attention sometimes. So far their personalities are completely opposite, which I guess I expected. All I can really do is wish you the best with your decision :smileyhappy:

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