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Re: Trying to decide y/n on a second...
I have 2 children. 21 months and 10 weeks. I always knew I wanted at least 2, but now I struggle with whether or not to have more.
Here's what I know. I'm 32 years old and wanted to be done having children by 35, so I wasn't high risk. After 19 short months with my daughter, we welcomed our son. I forgot in such a short time how hard it is having a newborn! Then still having another little person to be responsible for is A LOT! Your situation would be a little different, but it's also been much longer for you having had a newborn.

I always wanted a boy and a girl and would've had more definitely if I another girl for my second, but since I have one of both, I feel content. I'm not sure that you're ever not have that little voice that oohs and aahs when babies are born and around. Even as stressed as I get with 2 under 2, I still think about having another when a brand new baby is around.

Ultimately, only you know what is best for you!
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