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Re: Induction
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Good for you for waiting! All my friends keep trying to get me to take this herbal mixture or that to speed up going into labor and I'm only 38 weeks. I don't understand some people. The average woman without any type of intervention gives birth from 38-42 weeks. We've waited this long so whats the hurry. We are designed to deliver babies and they are supposed to come when they're good and ripe. :smileyhappy: I wouldn't agree to an induction until I was rounding that 42 week mark and even then I don't think I'd give in unless they said the baby was in peril. Inductions are for doctors so the can know, plan and push your delivery along. And you're absolutely right, a lot of times you end up having a c-section because your body WAS NOT READY. There are very very few women need an induction, if you're not in a "high risk" situation then your babe should come when IT'S ready not the doc.