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Re: 8 months old now...what does your baby do?


I swear I just got the hillbilly neighbors from H-e-l-l... ugh. I am not picky and don't dislike people usually, but these people quickly earned a way on both my poo lists. First moving in at 11pm-2am, yelling and dropping things down the stairs, getting drunk and yelling, laughing, carrying on, slaming doors, wrestling and throwing each other into walls..every single night starting at 10pm and goes on until about 4am. They woke bug up twice last night..they almost recieved a well aimed shoe through their window last night lol. Not to mention throwing beer cans in the gutter. I asked the maitence man to retrieve it, and I left it right on their doorstep. :smileyhappy: and if i find out the dog poo at the bottom of the stairs is theirs as well, I'll bag that up and leave it there as well. i said, I am not usually a "rude neighbor" but after a month of this..i am at my wits end.  and sorry for the rant. My DH just tells me i have to deal with it and its frustrating!! Not everyone can sleep through a freight train.


Have you tried buying a blackout curtain on your DD's room?? Maybe im just a cautious neighbor, but i always think about what Im doing and how it would affect my neighbors. It stinks that some people arent considerate.

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