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Re: New BCP recommendation by GYN
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I had the Mirena IUD for about 8 months and had it removed friday, and now have to go back and get cultured because my body still wont get rid of the infections i had. :smileysad: Definitely was caused by the IUD's though. I couldnt have paraguard (the copper/no hormone ) IUD due to my medical history, Dr. M said no to it.


I personally would rather be on a regular bcp like lo lo estrin fe.. like she perscribed, but dang i am so gunshy of anything now. DH would NEVER get a vas.. I know better than to even ask that one. lol.  Dr. M refuses to do a tube tie until you are 28, or you have two children.


They told me today that they are worried I was developing PID, which we all know can affect fertility.. while I dont want anymore (definitely not now, or anytime soon, but maybe in the future. MAYBE) I sure dont want the option to be taken from me either. you know? All this trouble because I thought an IUD would be a great thing for me. :smileysad: the worst decision ive ever made when it comes to birth control


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