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Re: New BCP recommendation by GYN

Great topic and an important one.


Here is some information that you might find helpful:


I had my first child at 36 and new I would like another child soon after so we used condoms until we were ready for another child. It worked well for us. I think it worked for us because we knew that we were ok with the possibility of getting pregnant.


When we decided that our family was complete, my husband had a vasectomy. Works out great for both of us. My sister was in the same situation. Her husband went to have a vasectomy and they ended up not being able to go it in the office because of the location of parts. The doctor said he would have to undergo actual surgery to have the vasectomy. This mad my brother in law uncomfortable so my sister went and had an IUD.


The reason I am telling you this is because my sister is so happy that she ended up with an IUD vs her husband having the vasectomy. She only has to deal with it every five years and she has no period. I find myself wishing I had done the same thing every time mother nature arrives:smileyhappy: If I remember correctly, it's a very low dose as well. It may be an option if you plan on waiting a few years before having another child.


Do your research. you'll figure out what is best for you and your family:smileyhappy: