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New BCP recommendation by GYN

I got the Mirena IUD put in when my daughter was 6 weeks old,  I had never really quit bleeding postpartum, so then the mirena added ANOTHER 8 months old constant bleeding, spotting, on top of that. Then I had chronic YI's on it, and had finally had enough. Called, made my removal appointment last week, and had it out yesterday.


I still breastfeed Layla, and plan to for another 3 months at the very least , if she wants to go longer, i may. But my main goal was a year. So my options for birth control pretty much consisted of depo (no thank you..ever), nexplanon (no thanks..), Mirena, or the mini pill. The mini pill isnt really as effective as a combination BCP, so we didnt think that was a good option for me, especially when i have some memory issues stemming from a concussion i recieved a few years ago. So having to take something at the EXACT same time everyday.. no. I'd be pregnant again in a month. lol.   So, she then said there was a new option, Lo Estrin Fe 1mg/10mcg dose. She said it was a very small dose and was safe while breastfeeding, especially after your supply was well established. I am very much on the fence about taking this because I can not find a single article online that says its ok to take while breastfeeding and have never heard of a combination pill being safe. I am not sure if i am willing to take that chance with my daughter, you know?

Has anyone else been recommended this? What did you do?


I think we are just going to stick to condoms for protection.. but I found the many choices to be overwhelming lol. I miss a regular good ole BCP.

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