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Re: Pre term labor / pregnancy complications

Hi Haleyann5


I can imagine this must be so hard for you. I am sorry to hear you feel that the doctor and his staff treat you differently because you are young. Hang in there and be strong! I would imagine that a doctor will do the best he can for his patient, regardless of his personal views, especially since you are 7 months pregnant. Your baby is old enough that he or she will most likely survive even if born now, but the question is how healthy will he/she be. The sooner he/she  is born there is higher chance of having severe health problems. I imagine any doctor will do his very best to make sure you get the best care, so that the baby will be born as healthy as possible. So, as long as you have confidence in his medical ability, I think you can trust that he will do the best he can for you and your baby. This is all my personal opinion of course. Good luck to you!