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Re: Pre term labor / pregnancy complications

Hi Haleyann5. I am glad to hear your contractions have stopped and that your doctor has given you the steroid shots, and the other medications to stop the contractions. I understand your feelings about wanting to see an OB with lots of experience with high risk pregnancies. How about asking your OB directly how much experience he/she has with high risk pregnancies such as yours? Your OB may frankly tell you that he or she does not have much experience in high risk pregnancies, in which case you are justified in asking for a referral to a more experienced collegue. Or your OB may tell you he/she is very experienced and you will feel better. You can also call your primary care physician's office and ask for a referral to a well-known OB in the area, explaining your situation. Doctors usually know which doctor are reputable. Many OB's are a prt of large medical groups which have websites which list their biographies/credentials and experience. If you have any friends that are in health care, they might be able to point to you a good OB medical group in your area. I live in Orange County, CA, if you are nearby then I would be happy to give you my OB's name.