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Re: Pre term labor / pregnancy complications

Hi Haleyann5. I am 29.5 weeks along and I was worried that I was in preterm labor too. My doctor told me she thinks I am having Braxton Hicks and not preterm labor, but I am still worried. My contractions seem to last all day long, although they are not painful. My OB said if I were in preterm labor that she would recommend bed rest and give me a betamethasone shot to help my baby's lungs mature. Did your doctor mention betamethasone for you?  My OB said that most babies that are born preterm do very well if they make it to week 34, so I hope you can hang in there for 4 more weeks. If you are uncomfortable with your OB's recommendations you should ask for a second opinion. Ask around for recommendations of OBs from your friends and check doctor credentials on the CA Medical Board's website. http://www2.dca.ca.gov  You can check the year they were licensed, and the medical school where they graduated. Good luck