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Re: First time moms?
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Hi lilbi,

This is my second pregnancy and I'm remembering why my daughter was almost an only child! With my daughter I had severe sickness throughout the entire pregnancy; in and out of ER being on an IV; and em already experiencing it again with this pregnancy. Speak with your doctor they can give you prescriptions for the nausea and vomiting. Which I was on previously the entire time and am currently on. I take Zofran during the day (because I work and it doesn't knock me out) and then take phenagren(?) at night because it is stronger and helps me get some rest. Try keeping small bland things throughout the day and pray for the best! Even with the meds I have the constant nausea feeling. Especially with you being so tiny don't let yourself get dehydrated, it'll only make it worse! I hope for you the sickness passes quickly and ends after the first trimester :smileyhappy: Also, as far as birth; my birth plan this time is the same it was last time-epidural :smileyhappy: lol I don't remember much pain at all; but remember your brain will push all the bad memories out as soon as your little one is there!